We have spent last weekend visiting my dearest brother in Gdańsk. I never was a big fan of that city. Don’t know why but it must have been the atmosphere. I used to go there to do something, like visit M., spend some time at the sea sight, shopping in Ikea or have fun at concert. Last time was different, thought. I mean we went there mostly to visit M. and have some fun but the city has welcomed us with different atmosphere. Atmosphere that I really enjoyed. Therefore I can officially say I like Gdańsk now.

So, what have we been up to?

1. A little bit of the sea :)

2. Ted 2!

3. Tram riding

4. Sushi in Fusion Sushi - http://www.fusionsushi.pl

5. Tyrolean traverse (Zip-lining) at PGE Arenahttp://www.funarena.pl/project/tyrolean-traverse-zip-lining/ 

My boyfriend:

Which photo do you like the best?


PS Hey! If you have spotted any mistakes in my writing please let me know! I am still learning English so I would appreciate it! Thanks! :) 

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