[PHOTOS OF THE WEEK 1]: countryside

With this post I shall reactivate my blog. The blog that you are looking at right now once was bilingual. I used to present here my hand-made stuff – mostly clothes and cuddly toys. It was going pretty well but I decided to combine it with my other blog, blog about travels, food, life, Japan, and books. So I did. Now I want to welcome you on this recycled blog, blog that I am planning to write in English. It will be about... travels, food, life, Japan, and books. It will be more or less the same as Polish one, but in different language. ;) I hope you will enjoy it and we will be friends!
Soooo today’s post is titled “photos of a week 1”. I decided I will be posting short article to show you my fav photos or to sum up my week that have just passed – few words plus few photos. I am planning to do the same thing on a Polish blog. :)

Today’s title is “countryside”. Together with my boyfriend I have spent few last days having fun in a Polish Kashubia countryside. We were living very near the beautiful Bory Tucholskie - The Tuchola Forest, also known as Tuchola Pinewoods. It’s situated in northern Poland and lies between the Brda and Wda rivers. It contains the Tuchola Forest National Park.

Ok, let me now tell you what have we been up to:

1. Swimming and sustaining – we didn’t take any photos! :/
2. Reading! 


3. Eating!


4. Nature!


5. Biking! (I am not good in taking selfies... :) )

Photos are from my instagram which you can follow. I will be very happy if you do so. :) Link: https://instagram.com/bymadamewu/

PS Hey! One more thing! If you have spotted any mistakes in my writing please let me know! I am still learning English so I would appreciate it! Thanks! :) 

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Hello! My name is Weronika. I like my family, dogs, travels, food, books, sewing and a Japanese guy who is my bf. And this is a blog about all of that. :)

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